Marvel revealed that the archer Hawkeye will also have his own movie in the future

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Surely later Avengers: Infinity Warmany fans have to ask big questions about the disappearance of Hawkeye in battle. Being a key member of the group Avengers, but did not join with his teammates to fight the “Crazy Titan”. So where did Hawkeye end up going? Is he still alive or has he also turned to ashes after Thanos’ “fateful snap”?


During the annual meeting of the Association of Film Producers of America held on June 9, president Kevin Feige revealed many fascinating information about the future of the film industry. MCU. According to him, Marvel has begun planning the production of its own movie about the female superhero Black Widow. If so, right now, Hawkeye is the only original Avenger that hasn’t had a movie of its own. Furthermore, the fact that he wasn’t in Infinity War also makes Hawkeye fans feel angry for their favorite superhero. However, Kevin Feige has finally shared the news about this Avenger’s own movie.

The other two members of the Avengers are also getting their own movie

Marvel is currently having ideas for making separate movies for some future characters, typically Captain Marvel upcoming releases, and even comic characters that have never been brought to the screen. Of course, it is also impossible to ignore the life stories of familiar characters, one of which is Hawkeye. This is definitely good news for the fans because the last time they saw this superhero was 2 years ago. Captain America: Civil War (2016).


Hawkeye (Clint Barton) in the cinematic universe Marvel is a super archer, not possessing any superpowers, just an ordinary human with superior skills, acquired through training. In Civil War he was allied with Rogers (Captain America); A retired hero and former SHIELD agent On why Barton sided with Rogers, actor Jeremy Renner said: “Cap was the first to call. Get this done as quickly as possible so I can home to his family,” with him feeling obligated to protect Scarlet Witch after her brother Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver sacrificed himself to save him. Avengers: Ultron Empire.


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