Gamota Condor Heroes – The ultimate PK swordplay game is here, right?

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At exactly 11:11 am today, January 11, 2018, Hero of Condor Gamota officially opened Open Beta with the first server named Quach Tinh. As a game with the theme of one of Kim Dung’s masterpieces, right from the moment it hit the shelves, the game has attracted the attention of a large number of swordplay fans. Therefore, just after opening the door, the first server of the game was filled up, making the writer also have to work hard to “get in”.


Regardless of the large number of players, the writer’s first impression of Condor Heroes Gamota is eye-catching and familiar graphics. Speaking familiarly, because I am also a longtime fan of the swordplay series. Therefore, everything about Gamota Condor Heroes, from characters, trees, architecture, monsters… all remind the writer of “old memories”. In addition, it must be added that the game is built on the basis of Unity 3D, allowing players to freely zoom in, zoom out or rotate the view to their liking. This function is definitely a plus, especially for gamers who love taking landscape photos or “selfies”.


There is a point not to be missed for any swordplay fan, which is the system of skills and their effects in the game. In Hero of Condor Gamota, the moves that are familiar to any Kim Dung fan have been recreated quite completely. Beautiful, effective, not too shimmering like the first half, but still enough to show the “god” of swordplay. In fact, for the writer, “not too shimmery” is also a strong point, because it will be much less confusing. In addition, it must be added that, despite the sharp and beautiful graphics, the game still runs smoothly on even average machines, even the “old cricket” that has been used for 5 years by the writer.


About the plot, perhaps the writer also has no words to describe, because Hero of Condor is already a bedtime story of many swordplay lovers. Quach Tinh, Hoang Dung, Ngu Tuyet, Chau Ba Thong… all are familiar characters, and have been perfectly recreated in Gamota Condor Heroes.


In terms of gameplay, Condor Heroes Gamota has a great combination with the plot, when creating gameplay that closely follows what Kim Dung once described in his masterpiece. The special subtitles, 4 sects built based on the martial arts system of Ngu Tuyet, the esoteric techniques of martial arts… all remind the writer of the words of the series that he used to be. once infatuated.


There is a bit of regret in this experience of the writer, that is, have not tried the game’s PK system. According to the description, Gamota Condor Heroes will give players a unique and diverse PK mechanism, allowing them to solve both “ghost grudges” between people or factions with factions. In addition, the battles of Song Kim, the main highlight of the work, will also be perfectly reproduced in the game. One thing to pay attention to, is that the Condor Hero Gamota pays special attention to the player’s manipulation during the PK process, when it comes to the “unique” dodging system. With this ability, if used skillfully, players can completely defeat fierce opponents with stronger equipment without losing a drop of blood.


In terms of music, Gamota still gives players familiar melodies with Chinese characteristics. Not only that, when fighting or going to the battlefield, the game’s music also immediately changes to a vibrant, ferocious tone, making the writer feel that his ability to “dance martial arts” has also been increased by one level.

To sum up, Condor Heroes Gamota had an impressive debut at 11:11′ today, 11/01/2018. The only dissatisfaction is that the game only has a single server on the first day, making the writer unable to choose “Hoang Dung” but forced to enter “Quoc Tinh”. The rest, from gameplay to graphics, make the writer feel satisfied and satisfied. Believe that, this will be a worthy game to reach the sights of swordplay fans in early 2018.

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