Donald Trump mistook a fighter jet for a Call of Duty plane

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Was President of one of the largest powers in the world, the language in front of the press as well as the people always requires absolute accuracy. However with you Donald Trump then perhaps shocking statements and silly confusion seem to have become a signature style of this President.


The latest evidence is the recent press conference on the transfer of fighter aircraft to Norway when the President said:

The real life fighter jet Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II.

For those who follow military information F-35 or with the full name Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II was developed by the manufacturer Lockhead Martin for the US military in 2015. Since then, the US has also begun to receive orders from NATO allies to provide this fighter model. Well that’s the F-35, then the F-52 is a completely different story.


F-52 or exactly F-52-BUILD, is also a fighter aircraft in service with the US military as well as the Sentinel task force. Equipped with “air brake” technology that allows instant change of direction, the F-52-B is an ultimate weapon in the air. The F-52 will be put into use in 2052… ie 34 years in the future, the time when the game’s context is Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare based on. In other words, this plane is a purely fictional product.


Perhaps after hearing this news, many people will immediately think of the possibility that Mr. Donald Trump is a fan of Call of Duty and is looking to get involved with the gaming community. However, it is highly likely that the US President just read the script wrong before instead of saying 52 planes he created another one. F-52 but it took another 34 years (unfortunately) to be born. When asked to explain how he Donald Trump Regarding the F-52, the White House declined to comment.​

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