Krypton – Superman’s grandfather series is coming soon

For anyone who is a fan of the series Superman must know Krypton is this man’s hometown, due to an incident that the planet was destroyed and fortunately Superman was brought to earth by his parents. After the success of a series of superhero movies such as Green Arrow, Supergirl… Krypton continues to be another blockbuster invested by Syfy.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

Krypton is like a Superman prequel, the story takes the player back to the past, more clearly about the hometown of the man of steel. The main character of the film is Superman’s grandfather Seg-EL, who is ostracized by his family members and is struggling to regain his honor, save the planet from chaos, and compete for the power of the clans. .

(Superman Grandfather)

In the latest released images, Superman’s great-grandmother Charys-E1 played by veteran actress Paula Malcomson is also revealed.


Along with that, Syfy said that in season 1, the series will have 10 episodes, in March this movie will officially premiere. Let’s wait for the latest news of the movie from Emergenceingame.Com!

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