Gamers use Fidget Spinner to control Genji in Overwatch

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After a gamer used a banana to play Dark Soul Recently, another gamer shared an image of an equally “magical” controller: a fidget – spinner used to control the character. Genji in Overwatch.


The gamer uses the nick Rudeism in both Twitch and Reddit, explaining that each gyroscope has been motion-encoded into a signal, connected to a circuit board underneath the piece of wood. The encoder can sense when the gyroscope is spinning left and right, or is being pushed down with the usual push of a button.


There are 2 gyros instead of 4 navigation keys, 2 gyros for horizontal and vertical aiming, 1 gyro instead of left and right mouse. Commands to activate abilities, jump, and heal are performed by pressing the gyroscope. The hand-manipulation system is completely different from usual, but somehow this gamer can still control Genji quite well, and can even hit it as usual. The specific video can be viewed here.

Rudeism is also a gamer who used to make a Winston character controller with … bananas.

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