Langrisser – Japan’s super ancient SRPG suddenly revealed the Mobile version

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Langrisser to be role-playing game strategy (SRPG) released in 1991 on Mega Drive, then developed on other platforms such as Sega Saturn, Snes, PC for the next 10 years. Shaping of Langrisser has become familiar to gamers and anime and manga audiences. The most recent official game episode is Langrisser DRAW Released since 2005, the brand said the upcoming mobile version will be the 6th official volume.


However, Langrisser The mobile version will be released in China in Chinese instead of in Japan like previous episodes. The game is published by Zlong Games but it is not clear which unit is the manufacturer. On January 17, the game will open the first beta test.


Langrisser game trailer

Some impressive features of Langrisser Mobile version includes: Record location advantage based on terrain (river, forest, mountain, …). Many classes multiply with specific skills. More than 300 levels, more than 10 progressions to win. More than a million lines are used for the plot. Live 2D technology highlights the character. The classic heroes from the previous version are remade. Many warrior units such as Monk, Imperial Soldier, Berserker, etc. It is worth noting that although the game was released in China, it is still fully voiced by famous seiyuu (Japanese voice actors).



Langrisser tells the story of the battle between good and evil, but without being radicalized, neither side is completely good and neither side is completely bad. The plot of the game episodes is seamlessly connected in a unified whole, not separate like Final Fantasy.

There are no release plans yet Langrisser mobile for the international market.​

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