Fallout 76 breaks with PC’s biggest platform

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Fallout 76 – The upcoming “terrible” online RPG game of Bethesda officially joined the team of unreleased games through Steam. This is a rumor that has been around for a long time and has only been confirmed by Bethesda when talking to PC Gamer.


Instead of Steam, Fallout 76 will be released through Bethesda’s proprietary system, exclusivity applies at least for the release phase. The PC version of the game will be sold through Bethesda.net, including both the BETA and the official version.

This fact is clearly reflected on the game’s homepage and Q&A section. These addresses do not appear the Steam logo. The platform was also not mentioned during the release announcement.

This is the first time Bethesda has released a “terrible” game without intermediaries via Steam. The fact is that the publisher has been trying to do this for years.

Previously, games like Quake Champions nice Fallout Shelter all started as Bethesda exclusives before being released on Steam. Quake Champions has 4 months of exclusive release before being released on Steam, as for Fallout Shelter is 8 months.

Likely Fallout 76 will also have a similar release process, but it is also possible that the game will become a launchpad for Bethesda to promote its own platform, separate from Steam.

Fallout 76 confirmed to release beta around October, including the entire game content. The release process will move to the full version in November.

Fallout 76 slated to release on November 14 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.​

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