Super hit PC Skullgirls officially released Android

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Skullgirls released for the iOS platform from May 2017 but it was not until a few days ago that it appeared on the Google Play app store. The game belongs to the fighting genre similar to Street Fighter, Originally released on PC, the control mechanism has been changed for the mobile version, the main characters are all female.

Skullgirls Perfectly adapted to the mobile environment, the traditional control system with directional keys and skill keys has been completely replaced by tapping and swiping on the surface of the phone. The game has a high speed, many interesting combos are made by combining swiping and touching the virtual skill keys on the screen.


Shaping the character of Skullgirls is a big plus when combining both Japanese anime styles and American comics to create unique characters, with their own skill sets, impressive combo effects. Although it only has 2D graphics, the image quality of Skullgirls is enough to satisfy any fighting gamer. Readers can download free games directly here:

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