Gamers “open the roof” with a series of offers from the webgame So Kieu

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On this occasion, the Executive Board has strongly launched a series of support activities so that gamers can “open the roof” with Tinh Nhi, Nguyet ca and Yen crown prince. In addition to code, Department of Kieu also give gamers Gold in the game, newbie items, gift-giving activities on the game fanpage, etc.

The code is vast
Gamers will be “dizzy” because the code of So Kieu covers all channels from the homepage, fanpage, community groups to the press, etc. In each channel, players have a different form of receipt and different types of codes. All contain useful items, helping newcomers to So Kieu a lot in the first step of exploring the game.

News broadcast code on fanpage

It is known that the Executive Board of the Department of Kieu will donate the code from time to time and according to the needs of players. Therefore, when coming to webgame In this love language, each player just needs to chat with the admin of the fanpage to receive a VIP code for themselves.

House full of gifts
It is difficult to ignore the in-game gift for each character when entering the world of swordplay and love language of Tinh Nhi, Nguyet Ca and Yen. Just one “click”, you have received a “golden mountain” in the game and a huge “store” of items.

Extremely attractive racing gifts

With the first Gold deposit, gamers not only receive the eternal Ho Uyen fashion, Orange +5 weapons and Silver VIP forever, but also receive many other incentives such as adult gifts, single advancements, contracts. miner.

First time gift

In particular, with a series of events to celebrate the new server, within only 7 days of the activity, players will receive a series of incentives such as reaching the milestone to receive gifts, racing to advance to receive mounts, wings, crossbows, … Or accumulate During this time, the character reaches the specified milestone to receive countless hot fashions and treasures such as Tinh Nhi – Special Agent No. 11, Van Doan y, Huyen Hoang Tower, weapon fashion Luu Kim Dao – Mount Snow Long. In addition, receiving cavalry, opening VIP levels, orange-advanced treasure chests, etc. are also activities that bring many benefits to novice So Kieu.

7 days of login “gifts flooded”

An interesting point in bonus activities is the return of incentives that Department of Kieu has opened. Every day there will be a progressive return theme, mounts, wings, crossbows, jade, fan or tiger talisman. And just on that day, the character who reaches the level of the corresponding feature will be rewarded with extremely attractive advanced materials. Especially at levels 2, 3, 4, the character will be refunded 100% of the materials used at the previous level, from level 5 and above will refund high value with high-class items. This is considered a preferential activity worth looking forward to because of the necessary and sufficient benefits for newcomers to So Kieu.

Refund is quite an interesting activity

Also on this official opening, So Kieu “did not regret” but launched a lot of bonus items in playgrounds, fanpage events, and community groups.

Department of Kieu shimmered on the test day

Everywhere you look, you will see gifts and support wherever you go, which are the benefits that every gamer sees immediately when choosing So Kieu to unleash their conquest and entertainment. This is also an important factor in taking care of and keeping gamers longer with the webgame So Kieu.

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