CFL: The duo AK47 Noble Gold and M4A1 S Noble Gold are actively sought by gunners

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AK47 Noble Gold – Super product is not inferior to the final boss AK47 VIP Inferno

If you have not had the opportunity to experience the final boss AK47 VIP Inferno, then AK47 Noble Gold is an equally competitive alternative. In terms of appearance, these two weapons have similarities with each other, except that the eyes of the AK47 Noble Gold do not glow like Inferno’s. In comparison, both are equal in terms of weapon draw speed, but AK47 VIP Inferno is slightly better in fire rate and reload speed. However, AK47 Noble Gold has one outstanding point that it will make many people love is stability. With its high stability, users of AK47 Noble Gold will be able to easily control the projectile, easier to pull the center when shooting.


In addition, as a gun belonging to the VIP series, AK47 Noble Gold also has special benefits: increase 2 bullets for the Fifle gun line, increase 200% of own EXP, increase 30 EXP for the same player, increase 20% GP for co-player.

M4A1 S Noble Gold – Improved version of S Transformer

If M4A1 S Transformer is the favorite choice of many people, so when the M4A1 S Noble Gold comes out, the gunner will try to own this version. The appearance of these two guns is the same, but the only difference is that the M4A1 S Noble Gold is plated with a different layer of gold than the traditional green color of the Transformer. In terms of power, both are completely balanced in terms of weapon withdrawal speed, reload speed and fire rate. However, the M4A1 S Noble Gold has a unique feature of the Noble Gold series that the Transformer series does not have, which is an improvement in gun stability. As with the AK47 Noble Gold, this is what makes the M4A1 S Noble Gold a lot more intimidating than its predecessor.


With enhanced stability AK47 Noble Gold and M4A1 S Noble Gold are creating a fever pitch on the battlefield CrossFire Legends since its launch. In particular, for those who play tankers, this is a great weapon for support play with the motto “just push up and you will get a life”.

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