The Letter – When the horror game “Mix blood” with Anime on Mobile

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Ermengarde Mansion was built for Count William Ermengarde and his wife Elizabeth Ermengarde.. The two are considered the symbol of peace and prosperity of this land when helping its inhabitants build a sustainable economy. steady. Everyone living in the village next to the mansion also deeply loved the couple, treating them like family.


However, the happy years soon ended when a sudden epidemic took the lives of the Earl and his wife, leaving the estate in the hands of their only daughter, Charlotte Ermengarde. But also for some bad reason, Charlotte then took her own life, leaving the mansion in the dark without anyone to govern.

From here, the villagers began to see strange phenomena taking place around the Ermengarde mansion. The screams and mourning, the silhouette of a woman passing through the window.. all led to rumors that this mansion was haunted.


Hundreds of years have passed until modern times, this villa still stands up to the wind and rain and soon belongs to a real estate corporation. In the hope of selling Ermengarde soon, this company sent two of its employees, Rose and Isabella, to check its condition.. However, due to some business work, Isabella had to be late. Over the phone, Rose blames her friend for not being conscientious and for leaving her alone to check out this spooky mansion. Isabella comforts her friend that don’t worry she will be there without delay.. However, when she gets there, Isabella can’t find her friend anywhere. Picked up the phone to call but the carrier said the number was unrecognizable.. as if Rose had never existed before.. It was all until the third call that someone picked up.. And in the voice noise, Rose’s voice said.. “I’m in.. upstairs… attic..”


Regarding the general image, The Letter is a visual novel game where gamers will feel the plot through lengthy dialogues. But don’t think of The Letter as just a boring game because hidden deep inside are weird images ready to jump on the screen… Even if you don’t pay attention, you can drop your Smartphone. me. Throughout the length of the game, players also have certain interactions that determine the plot later.. such as choosing a question or pressing and releasing repeatedly on the screen to pull the door open before the ghost behind comes. .


Perhaps words alone are not enough and you have to experience The Letter directly to feel the horror creeping up your spine. To enjoy The LetterReaders can download the game for free directly here:

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