Gamers are outraged when the H1Z1 developer plays the game and turns on the hack

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Livestream games is a very effective way to connect with the community.. especially for game developers who want their children to become more famous and popular. Technical Director Joshua Kriegshauser with the game H1Z1 is not an exception when he regularly conducts livestreams and competes with the gaming community itself.


However, in his most recent livestream, an accident happened that made many gamers feel outraged. The story begins like any other match when Joshua Kriegshauser immediately rushes into a gunfight with the opponent.. With three enemies right in front of him, he chases after him with a shotgun and kills one.


But right after the first rounds, Joshua Kriegshauser suddenly stopped firing even when he had a favorable angle compared to the enemy Team. Joshua stopped simply because he had just realized that the enemy team didn’t seem to see him. Standing right in front of their guns, this developer is still unharmed and as if possessing some stealthy superpower. “Can’t you see me??” – Josua said when he saw the strange reaction of the other party. In fact, that was the answer because the technical director forgot to turn off stealth from the developer version of the game during the livestream.


Realizing his mistake, Joshua Kriegshauser immediately opened the console window and typed the command to disable stealth mode.. allowing the enemy Team to avenge his teammates by blowing Joshua away. In response he said: “I deserve it..” After the incident, the community’s reaction was quite mixed when some felt angry because the developer “cheats” in the game, but others considered the story as just a funny accident. I don’t think Joshua Kriegshauser did it on purpose, no one is “smart” enough to turn on cheats and still go live.

You can watch the footage from this livestream here:

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