Hien Vien Kien Han Chi Van – Another super product is about to be released

Hien Vien Kien Han Chi Van MMO mobile game with a theme First half fantasy published by Kunlun Games. The game has the main context based on the Chinese TV series of the same name that was released in early April. On November 16, the game will officially open in open beta, in the last registration, the game has caused a fever in the Chinese market and received praise when it released the first images.

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The game builds a fantasy world from ancient times with the story of the Emperor destroying Ma Ton. The context is about the fact that after Ma Ton was destroyed, the Emperor used the Xuanyuan Sword to seal the entire demon world, but during the war, this divine sword was broken in half and turned into 2 pieces. Thousands of years have passed, two pieces of sword gas that existed in the human world have turned into two brothers, Trieu Van and Mo Van. They continued to lose each other, even trying to slaughter each other, however, upon discovering Ma Ton’s return as well as their true identity, Trieu Van and Mo Van reunited to return to the world. At Xuan Vien Sword, another great war between the gods and the demon worlds begins. Xuanyuan Sword Chi Han Chi Van possesses quite beautiful graphics when developed on the Unity 3D platform. The game has all the features of PVE, PVP, boss fighting … of the traditional first half games, the special feature of the game is that players can increase their strength through “Ten Great Spirits”.



To receive the game code when the game officially opens, players will enter the phone number in the China region to receive the code, the game is still open for early registration. In China, this is a game that when it was introduced, it created a craze, because perhaps the game is based on the movie of the same name that was just shown this past summer and caused a great resonance. All information about the game will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com as soon as possible.

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