The secret details of Thor 3 will pave the way for Avengers Infinity War (P.2)

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5. Infinity Gauntlet (Infinity Gauntlet)

In the previous series, there have been 2 types of ‘Infinity Gauntlets’. One is in Thor kept by Odin and the other one is in Thanos wearing it Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. This also caused a lot of controversy in the fan community Marvel, why there are two different gloves. Until Thor 3: Ragnarok, Marvel Just willing to explain, the ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ in Odin’s hand is just a fake, but Thanos’s is the real thing.


6. Soul Stone

Because he wants to unleash all the power of the ‘Infinity Gauntlet’, Thanos wants to collect all six ‘infinity stones’. In the previous series, there have been 5 infinity stones appeared and lost to many different places but there is no information about the ‘Soul stone’. Initially, fans speculated that this ‘infinity stone’ would appear in Thor 3: Ragnarok, but in the end it still didn’t show up. Because next year, before Avengers 3: Infinity War released (April), only the movie remains Black Panther (February), so it is very likely that the audience will soon see the ‘Soul Stone’ in this movie.


7. Thanos

In the trailer at the end of the movie Thor: Ragnarok, Thor and the others were on the spaceship heading towards the earth. At that moment, suddenly above them appeared another very large spaceship. This is the spaceship of the main villain – Thanos. In an interview, Kevin Feige – president Marvel Studios revealed that they have named the spacecraft Sanctuary II.

8. Grandmaster

Appear in Thor 3: Ragnarok With a rather “colorful” image, Grandmaster brought the audience a lot of laughter. Surely fans of the Marvel family know this character is the younger brother of the Collector in Guardians of the Galaxy. Collector is inherently connected with the ‘infinity stones’, so maybe these two brothers will also walk hand-in-hand in the blockbuster blockbuster of the house’s characters. Marvel upcoming – Avengers 3: Infinity War.

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