PUBG – How to beat Hacker?

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Hot games are hacks. It is an immutable law of the virtual world. Any game that requires competition with ranking placement is sure to have elements that want to take shortcuts to get to the top with no effort at all. Those guys are only worthy of being classified as shameless, can’t understand the meaning of the word “humiliation”.. Those who are so incompetent that even if they have to play, they have to use dirty ways to win. But even if they are classified as bad images, gamers still have to face the fact that Hack will still exist in the game world.

Usually when faced with Hackers/Cheaters like this, the loser will be on our side. Simply because when the dirty guys have the ability to see through walls, shoot hundreds of them or rush like a superman.. then who can win?


But they don’t always become the last to come out of a gunfight. Even if they have dirty tools in their hands, their eyes, hands and brains still belong to the inferior part. foot. Therefore, there will still be a chance for us to win, even if it is very small.

It is also one of the rare situations that the writer finds himself in when he steps in PUBG. Honestly, this is not the first time I’ve encountered Hack. Before, with the abuse of Chinese Hacker on all types of Server, the writer and his friend had to taste the bitter fruit countless times because of the pre-programmed Headshots and the ability to see through the map like having a baby. third eye.


This time it seems to be no different as the writer and 3 teammates move through the building located near the lighthouse. Everyone knows that after “loot” this building, the next destination will be a complex of 4 houses located close to the road. But as soon as they passed this complex, a member of the Team was suddenly “down” with only a single headshot with a silenced Kar98 sniper rifle. Just a few seconds later, another member of the team had the same fate with only one shot, leaving our Team with only 2 people left alive. At that moment, one of the two players tried to run down from the hill to save a teammate who was “down” (one had lost blood and died), and immediately ate a single Kar98 bullet that flew Helmet Level 3 straight. Up to this point, all of them point to a single conclusion: Our team’s attacker is a hacker.


However, even so, there is still a high possibility that this is just a good gamer, someone who is able to control Kar98 with 3 shots, all of which are Headshots. But soon everything became clear. Instead of standing guard at a long distance, he drove straight to the block where he was hiding, skipping the first building (he knew for sure that the house was empty???), unlatching the grenade and exactly throw it into the window of the toilet.. where I’m standing and observing. Please remember that before, our team did not know where to shoot Kar98 because he used silencers, so no one could shoot back.. especially me. So the possibility for him to know which house he is in is indeed very low. Not only that, how can he know exactly where he is standing to throw the grenade? While obviously the window on the side is larger in size and leads directly to the main room. If you’re a casual player, wouldn’t throwing into a larger window increase your chance of hitting and dealing damage more easily?

But for some unknown reason.. he decided to throw the grenade through the right bathroom doorway… where he was standing. Right now, I understand that he has the ability to know exactly where I am.. even if there is nothing more than a wall in front of him. Moving to avoid grenades, I decided to jump to the next window to draw attention and test the argument that this guy can see through walls. And it’s like that instead of being on the other side of the building for a gunfight or even throwing more grenades, he decided to go to the stairs leading to the second floor on the other side to “hook the tire”.


But before knowing the results, the writer would like to explain why the writer said that we still have a chance of winning the above Hacker.. especially in PUBG. The first is that Hackers often use the Aimbot and Wallhack duo, allowing them the ability to see through walls and accurately shoot at enemies, even Headshots. That’s why they often choose locations with great coverage, such as peaks, tall buildings or towers on the map.. Therefore, fighting them at long range will almost give you a ticket. round trip to the main menu of the game. Simply because every individual skill like your reflexes or click speed will be inversely proportional to the distance between you and the target. The further away, the slower the reaction, the more time it takes to align, not to mention the limited visibility.

Up close, however, is a completely different story. In face-to-face situations, the Hacker’s abilities like seeing through walls or accurately shooting Auto will no longer be as strong as at long range. You can completely explain this yourself using common logic. When the two sides are less than 1 meter apart, what’s the point of seeing through the wall?? When the barrel is close to the enemy, Aimbot is no different, right???


Therefore in such situations, the winning factor will be… Click speed. The faster the click, the more bullets hit the enemy and therefore the higher the damage. Hackers no matter what tools they use, their hands are still normal people’s. Aimbot to do if the finger has not yet clicked on the mouse? What’s the point of auto hitting when the reflexes are not equal to the opponent’s and the gun can’t fire in time? So the chance to beat the Hackers is to force them to fight at close range, where all the dirty tricks are almost meaningless.

That’s also what the writer realized when plowing the above Hacker hand.. and you can also watch that scene right in the following Clip (4 minutes 47 seconds):

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