RoS gamers quarrel with hackers to the point of being hospitalized?

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The problem of hacking in any game always makes true gamers feel depressed, frustrated, and annoyed because it loses the fairness as well as the inherent beauty of the game. However, in fact, many players, just to satisfy their personal “me”, did not hesitate to find the black roads to win over other players.

That is what is still happening every day and now in the title survival game among the hottest products right now – Rules Of Survival. Although there have been dozens of measures that are said to be strong deterrence measures, but it seems that all are not strong enough to completely eliminate this painful problem.

Hacking problem is rampant in RoS

That’s why seeing with your own eyes the cheating in the game in real life for true gamers is like “catching in the battle” the enemy, it’s hard to turn a blind eye. pass easily. Not that the fact that there have been countless scuffles, frictions, contradictions or words back and forth between a genuine gamer on the one hand and a hacker on the other when accidentally encountering each other in real life. But to the extent that just because quarrel with hackers It’s really rare to have to be hospitalized like this guy.


This tragic story was recently shared by the victim himself on a group of Rules Of Survival. As far as sharing is known, the male gamer went to play games outside the net shop and had a bit of an argument with another RoS player sitting next to him using cheat software. In the end, the result was like the photo posted below, the guy was beaten by the other cheating player until he was hospitalized.


“I tried my best, I always see Ros hack everywhere. I was so angry that I cursed the guy sitting next to the hack and he sent me to the hospital, guys. I tried my best.”

The story after being shared received great attention from the Rules Of Survival player community, but its authenticity has not been verified, making many people doubt that he is talking too much. things are more correct. Because like I said, it’s not uncommon to have conflicts with cheaters in the game before, but to the point of full injury like this is really rare and really a problem. seriously worrisome.

However, whatever you say, whether the above incident is true or not, it is still undeniable that the problem of hacking in the game Rules Of Survival is still increasingly painful, needs to be taken care of and thoroughly repelled. as soon as possible so that gamers can play games in a healthy, civilized and positive environment.​

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