Excited to order PS5, gamers cried silently when receiving the goods

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Find buy PS5 or Xbox Series X It’s really not that simple at the moment. In spite of Sony as well as Microsoft is actively accelerating the production process to meet user demand, but partly due to the impact of the epidemic, the scarcity situation has not improved much. In this context, many fraudulent objects appear, from holding goods and selling them at exorbitant prices to buying one side and receiving another as in the case of gamers in this article.


Sharing on Reddit, the gamer nicknamed “crihyde” said that he now has a PS5 system and just needs to buy one more controller to complete the set. So, crihyde decided to order on eBay but it was a waste of money, what he got was the handle. Xbox One and not the PS5 as expected. The scammer even “modified” the Xbox One so that it has 2 black and white colors that look similar to the PS5 controller. Obviously, this is a deliberate scam, not an accidental mistake. Previously, eBay has made sure to strictly handle PS5 and Xbox Series X scammers when many sellers only send the box to the buyer with nothing else inside.


PS5 and Xbox Series X launched at a time when the whole world was suffering from the consequences of the epidemic. Demand for home entertainment is so high that supply can’t meet demand. A lot because of the expectation to play games on the new generation of consoles without being afraid to spend several times the original price to buy on the black market. However, again, we need to be very careful because scammers are still defying tricks to make money from players.​

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