From the North to the South to visit his girlfriend through the game, the guy was kept by the girl’s family and never returned

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The stories of love, friendship, and soulmate that transcend geographical distances in online games are no longer a strange thing, when people find common ground, the harmony in their souls and personalities, the Falling in love with each other is also understandable. That’s why many young men and women have been married from here, even if they are thousands of kilometers away, North and South, or our two wests, but with sincere love and sharing, they Still trying to overcome together and write up beautiful love stories like a dream.

Surely the first time meeting any couple in real life through the game will be very special memories. People fall in love at first sight, others are disillusioned with countless other funny stories.

Like recently, a girl Gamer Au Love Having shared about his love story “real fantasy game” can not help but make many people both admire and fire. Specifically, she knows and loves a person through the game. The first time that guy flew from Hai Phong to Ho Chi Minh City to visit her, love and trust made her immediately bring her boyfriend home to meet her parents. Unexpectedly, the guy was kept by the girl’s family … to stay and play more, causing the boy to cancel up to 2 flights back, and finally stay at his girlfriend’s house and apply for a job in Ho Chi Minh City to be able to get a job. near lover.


Originally the special love story that she shared: “We got to know each other through games Au Love, her friend is in Hai Phong, and I’m in Ho Chi Minh City, we got to know each other quite by chance when I posted a job posting for Fam. Nothing will happen if you don’t leave the comment “do not go to the fam, my lover is convenient”. At that time, I had only broken up with my ex for a few months, so I did not want to know anyone. Actually, I don’t care if you say you love me, but I just joined the fam.

Sweet moments of the couple

I have a habit of playing games with autism that I just sit and dance alone to practice top songs, not dance or talk to anyone. From the day I joined the fam, she had an inbox in the game asking what room I was in to dance with. At that time, I used the Oppo f1s to dance pretty laggy so I didn’t like people wearing effects and his friends had high vip effects, so I was scolded all day long and forced to take off new clothes for the dance or kick out of the room. . After about a week, when she posted a couple recruitment post, I came in and made fun of the comment, but it didn’t mean anything, then she commented and said that I was cold, I didn’t ask to play together, I played alone, off also coldly do not tell anyone, so you feel sorry for yourself. At that time, I also laughed when I read it, suddenly remembering for a long time that I couldn’t smile a real smile since I broke up with my ex. I decided to open my heart and we often talk on zalo. At first, we just chatted a few sentences back and forth, but later when my friend decided to say “I like you”, I suddenly felt happy. Chatting is boring after all, so we switched to video calling and it became a habit.


After knowing each other for a month, she informed me that she would fly to Ho Chi Minh City to play with me. Wuas was surprised, my heart felt like jumping, so happy guys. Waiting for each other to count the days to see each other in real life, the feeling is hard to describe. That day also came, after picking him up at the airport, we booked a car to go to Da Lat and it was a happy time that I don’t want to forget forever. What I’m sad about is that his friend will fly back to Hai Phong. We cried like two children holding each other and never wanting to let go. I decided to bring her back to meet my parents on the day she was about to fly back to Hai Phong, my parents asked her to stay for a while longer, and then kept it, causing her to cancel 2 flights. Fly to Hai Phong. Currently, she is staying at my house and applying for a job in Ho Chi Minh City so that she can be near me. After 2 months, her parents decided to go to the city to visit their children, visit relatives and talk with their family. And the most recent plan is next year we will get married. A story where you know each other in a rather ridiculous and funny way, right?”.


Perhaps stories like this “real fantasy game” are no longer strange to many people. Love always comes by chance, at the most unexpected times and leaves a lot of aftertaste and emotions. That is also a typical example of the skillful arrangement of fate. No matter who we know, under what circumstances, love will always be strong when you give someone the opportunity to share sadness, joy, experience and understanding with previous interests and passions. mine.

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