T1’s 2 new coaches revealed, not kkOma

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As you know, after Faker and teammates to lose Geng with a score of 0-3 in the qualifying round, thereby losing the precious ticket to attend Worlds 2020the head coach of T1 is Mr Kim Jeong-soo resigned. At the same time kkOma also leave Vici Gaming To return to Korea, some fans hope that T1 and this former coach will get back together. However, it seems that this wish cannot come true, at least for the time being.​

The chat was suddenly revealed while Effort was livestreaming

Recently, a screenshot of the Discord chat of T1’s Support Lee “Effort” Sang Ho was suddenly leaked. This is a chat that introduces the members of T1 with Choi “Polt” Seong Hun and Nick “LS” De Cesare. According to the content of the chat, Polt and LS will join T1 in the Championship League of Legends Korea 2021 as the new coaching staff of the team.​


Polt is a former gamer Starcraft 2 As a pro, recently he regularly livestreams Teamfight Tactics, but the 32-year-old former player has no experience in the League of Legends arena. As for LS, he has been a coach for many different League of Legends teams, and also served as an analyst in North America, Europe, and Korea. Most recently, LS became an English channel caster for LCK.​


Currently, T1 has not confirmed the authenticity of this chat, many people think that the above leak is quite strange because Polt is completely inexperienced with League of Legends, the LCK also has little presence of coaches. Western, currently Jakob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi – SANDBOX Gaming 2020 coach is the only Western coach in LCK history.​

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