The Road Rash heir is injected with money to develop the 18+ version

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Road Redemption is a remake of Road Rash – The game is associated with the childhood of young people 8x-9x in the old days, when this game was everywhere from the net shop to the computer in the school, with simple gameplay boldly created entertainment. so nostalgic hard to fade.

23 years for a legacy

The PC Gamer site had an interview with Mark Antoon – the president of the “adult” game company Nutaku, and he shared that they worked with the developers of Pixel Dash Studios and EQ-Games to produce Road Redemption 18+. This is part of Nutaku’s “10 million dollar initiative”, which is that they will reach out and fund smaller game studios with growth potential. A wise investment step that we often see in large companies or businesses.


Nutaku’s representative has revealed that there will be a completely new Story Mode for this 18+ version, instead of participating in races to hunt assassins to collect bonuses, gamers will chase the catcher. Toad is full of cunning to save the beautiful daughter of a certain rich man. With games 18+ Of course, there will be a lot more nude images, but the main element of Road Redemption is that the cool big displacement cars will still be kept intact.

To accompany the new Story, through each cut-scene, there will be comics with “adult” content and we always expect in 18+ games. With the style of Nutaku, it will be characters with huge breasts and “Sex laws”. Of course, the comics will have their own albums in the game for gamers to leisurely “think over”.

Nutaku’s ingame character image

After all, the style of action racing game that combines sex elements will be Nutaku’s bold and breakthrough step compared to the popular game genres on the market today. Will there be “rainy clouds” images on the large displacement saddle or provocative segments while racing at speed on the road? Let’s look forward to Road Redemption 18+ in early 2018!

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