Steam hits a record of nearly 25 million concurrent online players

Steam dat ky luc gan 25 trieu nguoi choi online cung thoi diem86408ced1eec389b - Emergenceingame

By page SteamDB, the number of concurrent users of this gaming platform has reached new heights, with 24,804,148 players at a time. This number beat the record set in March of this year, when the number of users Steam spiked in the context of people having to stay at home to comply with the isolation order. The above spike may also be due to the extension of the quarantine period in some countries and the release Cyberpunk 2077 in recent times. Cyberpunk 2077 alone helped Steam hit one million concurrent users earlier this week.


The increase in popularity of CS: GO also make a small contribution. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive The game first hit the 1 million player mark in March with a peak of 1.2 million, although that number is rapidly dropping, but the game’s average player count is still much higher than it was before. CS:GO is now slowly returning to the 1 million average player mark.

Steam’s in-game player count is significantly lower than it was in March, in contrast to the record set earlier this year. The number of users actually logged into the game reached 8.1 million in March, while currently only 7.1 million people are recorded.


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