Scary stories in the game are real in real life (P2)

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Fatal Frame

Fatal Frame is the story of two brothers Mafuyu Hinasaki and Miku Hinasaki, who both possess the ability to see through supernatural events taking place around them. But one day Mafuyu suddenly disappeared after he entered the Himuro mansion because he wanted to find the tutor Junsei Takamine. Following in the footsteps of her brother, Miku also entered Himuro without knowing that it had received the consequences of a failed ritual that caused the gates of hell to be opened, allowing ghostly spirits to enter the human world. .


But few people know, the ghostly Himuro mansion is completely real.. or at least the rumors about it. This is one of the places where the Japanese people are most rumored about the phenomenon of ghosts, which is said to have originated from the most terrible massacre in the history of this country. There once every 50 years around December, the Himuro family will perform a sacrificial ritual to seal off evil spirits escaping underground. They used a young girl who was chosen as a child by the landlord and imprisoned in an isolated place for the rest of her life. This, they say, is to prevent the development of any relationship with the outside world, to prevent the ritual from being nullified.

In the ritual, the girl will be tied with a rope around her neck and four limbs to be pulled by the horse, similar to punishment in ancient China. The blood-stained rope will then be spread around the “gate” to hell, thereby sealing it for half a century. But before the ceremony can be completed, the young girl suddenly falls in love with a man. The Himuro family’s father, as soon as he found out about this, took up his sword to kill his family before committing suicide, fearing what was about to happen when the ritual failed…


Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

The 5th version of the Fatal Frame series continues to haunt players with real-life episodes. In the game you will be accompanied by Yuri Kozukata – a young girl who has the ability to see ghosts after her parents died in an accident. After failing to commit suicide and being saved by Hisoka Kurosawa – an antique shop owner who lives nearby, she begins to live in the shop – which is close to the mysterious forest surrounding the mountain. Yuri also didn’t know that it was this decision that really started her journey to change her fate, a fate closely linked to the mysterious forest..


In real life, this fictional forest is the version of Aokigahara – the famous suicide forest in Japan. Since ancient feudal times, this forest has been rumored to have white-bodied demons swinging between branches, only to be discovered in the corners of the eyes of uninvited guests. The suicide forest is also considered the place where the Ubasute custom of the Japanese people takes place. There, due to famine or plague, the old or sick would be carried up in the forest and left here to die. Buddhist fables show this through the image of a son carrying his mother up the mountain. Along the way, the mother will reach out to break the branches and leave a mark for the son to know the way back.​


But Aokigahara is also an example of a horrifying truth that persists to this day. The forest as its name suggests, becomes a place for people from all over to commit suicide. The cases are so numerous that there is a committee dedicated to sending people into the forest and bringing back the bodies of those who sacrificed their lives. The employees involved in the activity also had a horrifying story unfolding each night as they had to decide who would have to sleep next to the corpse. This is because they believe that if the corpses are left alone, the souls of those who commit suicide will cry out in loneliness. The corpses will thus wake up and wander around in search of companionship.


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