When gamers open a pub with a sword style

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For gamers who love and are passionate about swordplay games, being able to sit and drink in a space with bold colors of ancient swordplay is a pleasure to enjoy nothing more wonderful. Not only being immersed in a different space but also a place to meet friends with the same passion. That is why so far, many pubs in this style have sprung up to attract a large number of swordplay gamers.

And recently, in Martial Arts Community Mobile, the gamers handed over a pub address like that. The special thing is that the owner of this pub is also a gamer playing the Tieu Dao faction of VLTK Mobile. Perhaps it is the passion for this game that every space and context in the game has become the inspiration for this boss to put it into his business.​


This pub has a name Tieu Dao Quan located at address 152, Nguyen Van Rop, Quarter 4, P4, Tay Ninh city. With its ancient style of swordplay, this is an ideal address for offline sessions of VLTK Mobile gamers as well as gamers who love swordplay in general. From the name, the layout, the menu, to the bottles of wine, the sword for taking souvenir photos is extremely “quality”.


Let’s admire some unique pictures at this 1-0-2 pub and remember to save the address for your upcoming offline session with your fellow gamers!

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