1001 ways to resist the heat of the phone “burning” to the end of the words of the “holy plows” of the game

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Phone overheating is a very annoying situation for users. Hot machines not only make it harder for us to hold, but also lead to lag, jerky, and reduced component life. In addition to objective reasons such as ambient temperature, the phone’s processor chip is hot, or the machine is made of metal that easily absorbs heat, the most common subjective cause is the user himself. the phone continuously for an excessively long period of time. For gamers, when the work of “plowing hoes”, “conquering” in the game requires our boys and girls to always have their phones, operating with a capacity of almost 24/24, then Phone overheating is inevitable.
“The difficulty reveals the wisdom”, also from here, there are 1001 ways to cure phone heat when playing games invented by gamers. Many creations that are sometimes “overwhelming” to the point of words.

Don’t be afraid to put your phone in the fridge

Soak in water

Hang the phone in front of the fan

If you want faster effect, hang it in front of the air conditioner

“Extremely toxic” with the method of using children’s fever-reducing stickers to cool down the phone

More amazingly, some gamers even use the fan in the desktop computer to make a special device for the phone fan, just need to connect it to the phone charger cord to be able to use it. But according to this gamer, this is the best way to hang up, can train all night, just afraid of getting pk or losing connection. Another piece of advice for gamers is that when plowing the game, you should remove it. Remove the phone case, so that the heat dissipation on the surface of the device is best.

However, those are only measures in certain necessary cases, we gamers should not overdo it. No matter how much you love the game, you should not catch your beloved phone “plowing” continuously for 3-4 hours. Continuous use of the machine will cause the device to heat up quickly and reduce its lifespan. More specifically, using it while charging also makes the device hot. You should avoid the above habits and let the phone rest after 1-2 hours of continuous use. Also turning off the device or putting it on airplane mode when sleeping is also a way to reduce overheating.

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