Fortnite has to apologize for “hanging the head of a goat to sell dog meat”

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Today, Epic start selling one type pet new in ‘s item shop Fortnite name is, has a name which is Gunner. Many players quickly recognized the familiar look of the dog, because this pet looks similar to Bonesy – accompanying dog battle pass season six, when pets were first introduced into Fortnite. After all, Fortnite battle pass items never go on sale after each season, and obviously fans aren’t welcome to see the reskin version appear in the item shop.


Epic posted on Reddit “We shouldn’t have included the Gunner pet in Fortnite and are very sorry for this. Over the next few days, all accounts that purchased Gunner will receive a full refund of 1000 V-bucks.” as well as receiving an additional 200 V-bucks, Gunner will be removed from Locker.” For players who have already done a Gunner refund, they will receive an additional refund token along with 200 V-bucks.


At first glance, Gunner looks like a “twin” to Bonesy, but the new dog wears a yellow ski mask and has a small logo on the scarf. According to Eurogamer’s news, the above differences are still not enough to convince many players. One player commented on Reddit: “Wow, they actually sold an item from a previous battle pass for $10 and even the design is the same.”​

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