Plants vs. Zombies suddenly revealed a brand new version?

Plants vs Zombies bat ngo lo hau ban moi toanheSXGa - Emergenceingame

Recently, EA confirmed in addition to Plants vs Zombies 3 As a mobile exclusive, they are also developing a new PvZ shooter specifically for the PC platform. The game is called Picnic and is currently in alpha testing. From the recently leaked information, fans speculated that instead of the name Garden Warfare 3, the game will be officially called Battle for Neighborville. This name has also appeared in the European trademark confirmation list.


Neighborville is the name of the suburb in the comic book version of Plants vs Zombies, but according to a leaked source posted on Reddit, the content of the game will not revolve around this story. Accordingly, the new game will feature 20 characters, a common area, three free-to-play zones, and nine PvP modes including a 4v4 battlefield.


Garden Warfare seems to be being transformed into a title that is likely to last as a long-term online game, stay tuned to Emergenceingame.Com for more updates on the latest title from the popular series this.​

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