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Talk about MOBA We are talking about games with a top view and control system of the real-time strategy genre. With the camera looking down on the map and the mechanism that points to the terrain to let the Hero move, that seems to be the image that MOBA boldly imprints in the player’s mind. That’s why you can understand why the community feels extremely surprised when Nexon hello yard Hyper Universe – a MOBA title that follows the point of view of the game.. Mario.


To be more precise, Hyper Universe introduces gamers to the typical horizontal screen of the traditional Game Platform genre, where the player commands the Hero completely in two directions left and right. It may sound strange, but Hyper Universe still maintains the crazy blood of the MOBA genre, making gamers still feel as tight as a string when facing enemy Heroes.


The map in the horizontal screen style also helps gamers not have to pay much attention to the location but just focus on fighting the enemy on the front side. Therefore, the game will emphasize the correct skill coordination and know how to move forward and backward at the right time. Above all, the ability to coordinate with the Team is also emphasized because now you will have to share the same true “treasure”.


Hyper Universe also owns a massive Hero lineup with up to 41 different names, ensuring gamers have the freedom to choose combat styles. Above all, gamers also experience the basic elements of MOBA such as the tower and creep system.

It’s been a long time, it’s time for you to download it for free Hyper Universe on PC via system Steam directly here:

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If you don’t have a Steam account, you can..

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