Crossfire Legends – What will the perspective in Survival mode be like?

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In addition to creating more choices based on individual preferences, each perspective also possesses certain characteristics.


TPPThird Person Perspective – 3rd person perspective

‘s gameplay survival mode in CrossFire Legends emphasizes tactics, strategy and coordination. However, this feature will take advantage of many advantages from a 3rd person perspective. Specifically, TPP puts a camera angle behind the character’s neck a distance enough to see 3/4 of the body, ensuring the whole is minimized. blind spots on the screen. Blind spots, for shooter titles have always been a dilemma.


Thanks to the above advantages, TPP allows players in any situation to have a certain amount of time to plan a quick and effective battle. It can be attacking, retreating or sneaking, so being well prepared is still the best.


Maybe everything is just relative, wiser and more experienced players will easily defeat you no matter how carefully you strategize, but at least, being prepared is better. With a 3rd person perspective, you don’t have to show your face, even when hiding in the bushes or behind the wall, you can still locate the enemy, assess their movement range as well as assist. Help teammates around. In addition, TPP also improves the ability to aim, although it is not comparable FPP.
FPP – First Person Perspective – First view

The first-person experience in CrossFire Legends must have been familiar to the gunner because all previous game modes were in the first-person perspective. FPP does not give you a broad perspective like TPP, the time for you to strategize is minimized. You will no longer be comfortable entrenched in one place and zooming your eyes to every location. In order to see others, it is almost like letting others see you.


In addition, when experiencing FPP, your reflexes will also be fully exploited. You have to assess the surroundings with your ears, listen to the sounds emitted, need to assess the situation as soon as you receive information for immediate processing. In general, FPP enhances the drama and competitiveness of the regime survival to a very high level. The player’s emotions are also pushed up very realistically, suitable for players who like challenges.


Above is the basic information about the 2 perspectives that the survival mode in CrossFire Legends provides. Hope the gunner will have interesting experiences with this new game mode.

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