Minecraft extremely strange space version is about to land on PS4

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Originally released in late 2016 for PC and Xbox One, Astroneer immediately attract the attention of gamers, especially the followers of Minecraft and space game. Following that success, the game will continue to attack the territory PS4 on November 15 here. The PS4 version will include all of the previously released content and a brand new Explorer update that was released yesterday, September 4.

Dubbed the space version of Minecraft, Astroneer is survival game Set in a fantasy setting in the 25th century. Humans have now made a revolution in space technology, making trips to the most mysterious and remote planets extremely quick and easy. Anyone has the opportunity to become an Astroneer – Astronaut.

The game belongs to the “sandbox” genre, where the player does not have any specific tasks or goals to complete, gameplay depends entirely on exploration and creativity. The game is set in space, so the most important factor is not food and drink, but oxygen. To “charge” enough oxygen for the character, the player needs to collect materials through the process of mining the surface of the planet. The resources collected will then be used to build more oxygen tanks, upgrade buildings, quite similar to Minecraft.

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Unique and strange graphics are also a huge plus for the game. Astroneer is built in a colorful cartoon style, more abstract than detailed. Notably, the Explorer update was released on September 4, adding many new items and camera features, allowing players to easily share their planet with others.

Talking about the release on PS4, Joe Tirado – Communications Director of System Era Softworks said: “By exploring the terrain, excavating every corner of Astroneer, players will have a wonderful trip into space. great. We’re excited to welcome PS4 fans into this universe and share exciting stories from the stars.”


Astroneer will be available on PS4 on November 15, interested gamers can pre-order now through PlayStation Network. For more information, readers can visit the following address:​

Source link: Astroneer – Minecraft extremely strange space version is about to land on PS4
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Source link: Minecraft extremely strange space version is about to land on PS4
– https://emergenceingames.com/

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