FarSide – Revealing a new PUBG style game on Mobile

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Storm PUBG is still sweeping the gaming village non-stop, especially on the Mobile platform when Tencent’s products dominate the market both at home and abroad. Not that, but recently PUBG Mobile announced that up to 10 million gamers experience the game every day, becoming a real force on the mobile platform.


It is because of that success that PUBG as well as PUBG Mobile has created the premise for many other products to follow, wanting to take a piece of the lucrative pie. Perfect World is the latest name to follow this trend when it has just announced the representatives will be on the pitch E3 2018.


Follow that next to ReEvolve – an MMORPG with a post-apocalyptic setting and a typical open-world environment, gamers will also be able to “see” FarSide – a true Battle Royale product for mobile. There, gamers will still be familiar with the standard Gameplay system, reflected in typical factors such as a large number of players, a large map, a narrow circle over time and countless other features. .


One feature of FarSide promoted by Perfect World is a realistic ballistic system under the influence of Earth’s gravity. This means that the bullets in the game will no longer fly as straight as a pointer, but will instead follow an arc, causing gamers to have to calculate more in the center.

FarSide and ReEvolve of Perfect World will be performed at E3 2018. All relevant information will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.​

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