Avengers 4 revealed new images – Hawkeye and Ant-Man appeared first

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After Avengers Infinity War officially closed, fans Marvel back to Avengers 4 with the question of the future plot line where the danger called Thanos is still present. However, during the past few weeks, a lot of information about Avengers 4 has been revealed, allowing fans to continue to sell doubts about what is about to happen to the MCU. The most recent of which is the sharing of two Avengers 4 writers about the role of Captain America and Black Widow in the new movie.

However, that information still has nothing to do with the recent image leak of Avengers 4 when a Concept Art (drawing on the idea) was posted widely on the Internet. There, fans can see firsthand the new Avengers lineup with the presence of faces that are completely absent from the Infinity War part. Hawkeye nice Ant-Man.

Leaked images of Avengers 4.

Along with the return of Hawkeye, we can also see Hulk brought a new look with the outer layer, in stark contrast to the previous wild style. This seems to point to the context for the new movie where the Avengers will fight in space more and require special protective suits.


Another interesting point is that Captain America no longer has a “nomadic” appearance as before, continuing to confirm the behind-the-scenes image of Captain America. Avengers 4 leak 1 months ago.. War Machine It is also a remarkable point when he owns a completely new armor with a more terrifying appearance. In addition, the Captain Marvel also continues to be present and promises to become a key attack for the Avengers in the war with Thanos.


Of course, it’s still a while before we can confirm the accuracy of this Concept. Not only that, there is still a long time until the official film, so many details can still change. However, at least now Marvel fans have a better view of Avengers 4.​

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