Broken hearts of the most tragic deaths in the history of the game village

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If the game world of the 80s featured blocky graphics and simple controls, the games of today are completely different, not only technically but also a lot deeper plot. Each character has its own personality color, so that when it is unfortunate to be sacrificed, left in the hearts of gamers are unrelenting torments, even if it is a villain.

Warning: The article contains spoilers, readers should consider before reading further.

John Marston – Red Dead Redemption


As a villain, John Marston is notorious for kidnapping, robbery and murder. The unfortunate childhood when he lost his father at the age of 8 and had to live in an orphanage was part of the reason why this gunman went astray. Unable to bear life in the orphanage, John Marston managed to escape from there and began to join the gangster gang.

A series of turning points (the writer does not want to spoil here) has changed John Marston’s life gradually. From an aggressive, cheeky thug, Marston became a model father, wholeheartedly taking care of his family. Beating those who run away but never hitting those who run back, after trying to atone for the mistakes made in the past, I thought a happy ending would come to him but no! The scene John Marston faced before his death was truly haunting – the gunman backed into a corner in despair. After all, a rain of bombs and bullets and a lonely grave was the end of Marston’s life.

Aerith Gainsborough – Final Fantasy 7


Talking about the most tragic moments in the history of gaming, most gamers immediately think of Aerith Gainsborough. The tragedy of Aerith’s death is perhaps the saddest episode in the entire Final Fantasy series, enough to make even the hardest of hearts sob with pain. The pure florist knew Zack from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and then had the chance to meet Cloud. Aerith’s appearance was like a ray of light in the dark life of a mercenary like Cloud. Her innocence, love of life has revived a lonely soul, making the main character of Final Fantasy 7 know what vibration is.

But, if only Aerith knew that the joy was short-lived and that this meeting would change her life forever… Witnessing a character she fell in love with perish at the villain’s blade The evil Sephiroth is a big shock to gamers and the main character Cloud. However, it is her sacrifice that is the key to the ending of Final Fantasy 7, giving meaning to the entire storyline.

JokerBatman Arkham City


Honestly, given what the Joker has done, mourning and remembering this character doesn’t sound like much to many people. However, there is something a little sad when remembering a tragic and bizarre death like the way the Joker existed in this world. Poisoned by a mutant drug, the Joker forces Batman to find a cure for him. Joker has always assumed that the Dark Knight would spare his life no matter what the circumstances. In the final clash in Arkham City, there was indeed a moment when Batman was ready to give in to save the life of this arch-enemy. But no, in the end, the antidote is destroyed and Joker has to face reality – he will have to die, die to pay for all the crimes he has committed.

(To be continued)

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