Decoding Death Stranding and Mysteries – Inspired by Trump, Brexit and Loneliness

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From the bachelor of economics, Hideo Kojima has now become one of the most famous names in the virtual world. Known as a great game maker with many new ideas and thrilling storylines, the products molded under Kojima’s hands always have something very unique, very strange and also extremely twisted. For example Death StrandingAlthough the release date is very close, there are still many mysteries and interesting facts about the game that are hidden.


Sharing in the most recent interview with BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat, Kojima said that political events such as President Trump’s election and Brexit had a huge influence on the design of Death Stranding.


In addition, “Individualism” and “Loneliness” are also topics that Death Stranding is aiming for. Calling individualism a “trend of the times,” Kojima says: “Attacks and threats of violence are increasingly beyond human control. My aim is to hope people take a step back, restrain themselves by connecting and being kind to others.”

Regarding “Loneliness”, it seems that this is the shadow of Kojima in the game. The developer said that he himself always feels lonely and difficult to integrate into the gaming community. Therefore, Death Stranding hopes to help gamers find comfort and help them realize they are not alone because “there are many people like that living somewhere in this world.”


Sharing about the future direction, Hideo Kojima said he is intending to continue with the horror genre. He previously participated in the development of PT – the sequel to Silent Hills but was canceled midway because Kojima was forced to leave Konami. Looking at its potential, the horror game developed by the talented mind Kojima will certainly be worth looking forward to.

What’s more, Kojima said that there’s a good chance he’ll try the risk of producing a movie at some point. The developer believes that in the future, movies, TV series and games will have to compete fiercely with each other due to the strong growth of the streaming platform. Kojima believes that if he can develop a quality game, he can do other things as well.

However, those things are all in the distant future, and in the immediate future, let’s wait to experience Death Stranding first. The game will be released on November 8, 2019 for PS4 and summer 2020 for PC.​

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