Faker’s SK Telecom T1 suddenly invaded… Dota 2

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For passionate gamers League of LegendsLeague of Legendsthen the name SK Telecom T1 was no longer a stranger. The only team in history to have won the championship 3 times at the prestigious tournament World ChampionshipSK Telecom T1 is also famous for owning Faker – The gamer is considered the most famous in the village League.


Actually by operating as an organization Esports Officially, SK Telecom T1 also has a few Teams competing in other sports such as StarCraft 1 and 2, however, the main focus of the Team is still League of Legendswhere they give their all to fight in World Championship 2019.


But when everyone was still focusing on the LoL aspect of SK Telecom T1, Team Esports from the land of Kim Chi suddenly announced the lineup to compete… Dota 2. Exactly, you did not hear wrong… SK Telecom T1 will have a dedicated Team for Dota 2 and the first member will be Lee Sang-don with the familiar nickname “Forev”.


This information comes right after the period The International 2019 of Dota 2 ended with the championship for OG and 15 million USD in prize money, officially becoming the most expensive name in the Esports village up to the present time.

Speaking of total prizes TI9 also far surpassed the rest when reaching 34.3 million USD, soon becoming a lucrative bait for any Esports organization in the world. This may also be the reason why SK Telecom T1 decided to invade the Dota 2 arena and direct its eyes to the Aegis ant.

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