GTA cowboy version appeared Zombie, gamers prepare to dance among the zombies?

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Recently, players of Red Dead Online encountered some NPCs with a rather “special” appearance, their eyes emitting blue light, and their dry skin curled like a corpse. It’s not hard to spot, these NPCs are very similar to zombies. It is this that has made fans hope for a version Undead Nightmare or something similar in the adventure of the Rockstar cowboys.​


First Reddit user groats_active said they saw zobbies in the swamps of Lemoyne State, then some other players said they had discovered these corpses everywhere since the update. last week. This received the attention of the gaming community, there are 45 days until Halloween, so some players think this is just a small glitch (which is not the first time in Red Dead Online), in while others claim that something is actually being developed by Rockstar.​


Previously when the Undead Nightmare DLC was in development, Rockstar Games also “teased” a series of terrorist creatures, including zombies into the game. This expansion of Red Dead Redemption also launched on Halloween 2010 with various events, single player missions as well as multiplayer mode


However, many gamers believe that the possibility of these NPCs in Rockstar’s upcoming Halloween activity is much higher than that there will be the Undead Nightmare 2 DLC. Currently, the Polygon page is contacting Rockstar Games to see if this is just a glitch. when revealing Halloween activity ahead of time or hinting at a new DLC.​

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