Diligently running for 10 hours a day, a 19-year-old man was hospitalized for a stroke

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Recently, a teenager living in the city of Hyderabad (India) was taken to Sunshine Hospital due to illness stroke. Doctors say this 19-year-old is addicted to playing PUBG and as a result his health was severely affected, leading to symptoms of a stroke. This makes the country’s doctors and mental health professionals even more concerned about the impact of games and technology on human health.​


It all started on August 26 when a sophomore was taken to a private city hospital after showing signs of inability to move his right arm or right leg. Doctors in the emergency room checked and were very confused because this young student showed signs of stroke – a common disease in the elderly. After further examination, the doctors discovered that in this patient’s brain, it was this that made him unable to move his arms and legs.

A hospital source said:


Dr Vinod Kumar – a senior neurologist at the hospital further revealed that he has lost 3-4 kg in the past month due to his unhealthy lifestyle. It is known that this young man has recovered and has been discharged from the hospital by doctors. However, this is also a wake-up call for gamers, “have fun, don’t be too happy”, playing the game properly will help stimulate brain development, relieve stress, bond more with the brotherhood, though However, if you go too far, you are invisibly affecting your own health.​


In India, PUBG and PUBG Mobile is always a game in the sights of the Government, politicians as well as organizations related to students. Earlier this year, the government of some states of this country also introduced a ban on PUBG Mobile, whereby if caught playing this game, players will be directly detained or fined depending on the severity of the game. various infractions. PUBG is also always accused by Indian media after negative incidents happening here.​

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