Extremely difficult equipment to use in the Arena of Truth season 4

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1. Flag of Zeke

This is the dish Equipment theoretically very strong in Truth Arena when it adds to itself Chessman possess and 2 units besides 35% attack speed. If the mains use attack speed as strength like Aphelios, Ashe gets the Zeke Flag buffs then they will become very magical. However, because it is too dependent on you to have a lot of strong backline physics to be useful, the Zeke Flag cannot be used. gamer too popular.


Usually one formation The current standard only has 1 or 2 pieces of the backline playing the main role. The effect of that strong Zeke Flag, but requires gamers to have one more backline piece to buff the main, invisible they make the frontline relatively thin. So this equipment is only used when you play a squad with many backline generals such as Thien Xa, in most cases, players often ignore this item.

2. Chain of Atonement

This is an item that can be said to be quite “weird” when the effect sounds very strong, healing 800 health for the entire squad, but in fact it is extremely difficult to use effectively. If you use it on the frontline champion, the recovery will be quite low because the backline has not been affected and lost blood. Meanwhile, if used on a back row unit, it is even worse because the Atonement Chain only activates the effect when that piece dies.


Until your backline is defeated, no matter how big the healing is, it won’t do much. The most likely way to use the Atonement Chain is to counter the Phantom or Assassin squads, when the piece holding this item is defeated, it will restore the main health. In addition, this item is rarely used effectively.

3. Sword of Death

The Death Sword is an extremely terrible snowball item when it helps the chess piece to increase damage based on the number of enemies killed. However, this is an extremely picky item for champions to use because it only provides damage and has no other attack effects such as crit, armor penetration or weakening the opponent.


To make good use of this item, you need to choose a piece that has a strong attack effect and above all can defeat the opponent continuously and earn stacks for the Death Sword. Jhin is a good name because he has a very good crit ability from his skills. Moreover, with the effect of Marksmanship, this piece can shoot down the enemy team extremely quickly, accumulating Death Sword quickly.

Another candidate for the use of the Death Sword is Talon with the ability to jump to the target dealing the most damage every time he kills an opponent. This piece has a very good stack of Death Sword, but you need at least Infinity Sword or Blue Bow to guarantee Talon damage. Apart from these two names, it is difficult for any general to use the Death Sword well.​

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