Dark truths in the Harry Potter series you may have missed

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More than 20 years ago, on June 26, 1997 in England, the female author JK Rowling released the first volume of the series Harry Potter famous. This novel series then quickly captivated generations of audiences, from adults to children all over the world. And then when the Harry Potter movie series was released on the big screen, the Potterheads (hard fans of the Harry Potter series) were once again immersed in that magical magical world.

But even though the Harry Potter series is a series for young audiences, it still has extremely dark details. Let’s find out what those dark details are!

Aberforth and his goats


Aberforth – Professor Dumbledore’s younger brother has a strange taste for goats. In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Professor Dumbledore once said: “My brother Abeforth was once prosecuted for acting inappropriately with a goat”. It seems that Aberforth did some perverted things with this animal. And adult audiences will easily associate animal sex acts when hearing this line.

Tonks and Lupine must die to create another orphan


Author JK Rowling is a woman with a kind heart, but that’s not always the case. In order to create an orphan with a fate similar to Harry Potter, Mrs. Rowling directly killed newlyweds Tonks and Lupin. JK Rowling once shared that: “I think the cruelest thing about war is the abandoned orphans… As in the first battle, that poor child was Harry Potter and now I want us to see another child. pitiful like that.”

Umbridge was raped


Many Harry Potter fans are curious as to what happens when Umbridge is dragged away by the centaurs. Perhaps when writing this segment, JK Rowling did not notice that when the centaur takes a woman away, that woman will inevitably be raped.

One of the most famous events in Greek Mythology about this is the wedding of Pirithous and Hippodamia. In that legend, the centaurs attended the wedding and drank too much. They took the bride back to the lair to rape her. It is not clear if Mrs. Rowling knew about this story, but if she did, and let this happen, it shows that she really wanted to punish Umbridge cruelly.

Fred, George and the snowball twins


In Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, mischievous twins Fred and George throw snowballs at the shy Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Quirrell from behind. But everyone must also remember that hidden in Quirrell’s turban was Voldemort’s face. So it seems that the seemingly harmless joke of this red-haired brother left extremely serious consequences later.

Professor Dumbledore’s poor little sister Ariana

When Aberforth describes what happened to his sister Ariana, the audience immediately thinks of a sexual assault. The assumption could have been just a spanking or a slur, but given the psychological consequences it had on Ariana, things could have been worse.


Aberforh says: “When my sister was 6 years old, she was attacked by 3 Muggles. They saw her cast magic, sneaked after her to the end of the garden. She was just a child, unable to control her abilities, no one. At that age she was in control. What the Muggles saw scared them. They forced her to perform again, but she couldn’t and then they tortured her.”. It can be seen that the dark moment that made 6-year-old Ariana depressed can only be sexual assault, although Aberforth has said much less often.

The Birth of Tom Riddle


Many of you may not know that the Dark Lord’s mother raped his father, but there was no marriage based on love at all. Voldemort’s mother Merope Riddle met Tom Riddle’s father and immediately fell madly in love with the man. Merope gave him the love potion over and over again and as a result, gave birth to Voldy. But after Merope stopped letting the man use the love potion, he immediately walked away as if he had just woken up from a nightmare.

The name of Albus Severus Potter

The biggest question on the audience’s mind is: Why did Harry name his son like this? Why name a boy after a man who lied to him and a man who bullied him? Why not name the boy after Hagrid – who has always taken care of Harry or Remus or Sirius or even Fred – a brother who has left Harry but has wonderful memories together?


JK Rowling’s utterly heartbreaking answer to this is guilt. The deaths in the Battle of Hogwarts weighed heavily on Harry and he never really shook off the specter of that dark day. Haunted by death, Harry hopes that he will be forgiven (by his own heart or by others) for what happened by naming his son in honor of Professor Snape .

Dementors created by Mrs. Rowling from her past experiences with depression

The word “Dementor” comes from the Latin “Demento” which means “to deceive” or “to make mad”. Appearing in volume 3, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the Dementors are described as soul-sucking creatures and survive by sucking away the joys of others through “the Dementor’s kiss”.


When he was in his 20s, JK. Rowling used to struggle with depression. In an interview she once shared that Dementor based on her feelings of emptiness when suffering from depression. She said: “I know what sadness is like. Sadness is for crying and feeling. But depression is an absence and a feeling of coldness – a feeling of emptiness. That’s the Dementor.”

Hagrid’s Parents


The union between Hagrid’s father and mother is a confusing one. We don’t know the exact size of his parents except that Hagrid said that his father was “an ordinary little person” and mom is a giant, but we don’t know how big she is. Hagrid is 2.5 meters tall and his giant brother is 4.9 meters tall. Both were abandoned by their mothers because of their unusual sizes.

We can hypothesize that the two children she gave birth to were too small for her giant species, so she abandoned them. So it can be seen that Hagrid’s mother is probably more than 5 meters tall. So, how? “an ordinary little person” How could a giant like that get pregnant?

The author had predetermined which characters had to die in the work, but she spared Ron’s father

This is probably the brightest detail in this article. Originally, the writer had planned to let Ron’s father Arthur Weasley meet a cruel fate in the Harry Potter books and movies, but fortunately, she changed her mind in the end.


She shared in an interview: “I think part of the reason for that is because there are very few good fathers in this book. In fact, you might as well consider Arthur Weasley as the only good dad in the entire book.”

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