Famous Tiktoker had to change its name, return all sales money because it has the same name as Pokemon

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Nintendo very famous in the industry for protecting their intellectual property, many fanmade projects like Pokemon Uranium or Super Mario Bros. Battle royale versions were quickly defeated by Nintendo. Now Nintendo is aiming for a new target – Tiktokers pokeprincxss, this “big guy” requires changing the account name TikTok and return all the money earned by selling under this pokeprincxss name.​


Pokeprincxss currently owns 1.9 million followers on her TikTok account, and she is also a famous face on Twitch. However, now she can no longer use the name pokeprincxss and is forced to change it to digitalprincxss. Recently, this Tiktoker spoke up and explained that the reason why she had to change her name was because of Nintendo sues.

She said that the name pokeprincxss was given by her friend 8 years ago because she loves Pokemon very much, not intending to infringe on Nintendo’s copyright, on this Tiktoker also has many different Pokemon tattoos. Taking advantage of its popularity, pokeprincxss started selling some Pokemon-themed items and trademarked the name “pokeprincxss” through the LegalZoom website.​


But two months later, pokeprincxss was sued by Nintendo, which doesn’t seem to want people to misunderstand that pokeprincxss has anything to do with Nintendo (partly because pokeprincsxx is also active in the adult entertainment industry). After the deal, pokeprincxss decided to rename her Twitter, TikTok and Youtube to digitalprincxss, and she also paid Nintendo all the sales she collected. Despite being sued by the company associated with his childhood years, digitalprincxss shared that he is not upset and will continue to support Nintendo in the future.​

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