Evidence revealed that Spider-Man 3 will start filming next week

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After a conflict that nearly pulled Spider-Man from MCU, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment decided to sit down and discuss, the happy result is Tom Holland and Spider-Man will continue to be a part of the universe Marvel. The blockbuster was originally slated to hit theaters in December 2021, but it’s currently on hold and an official release date is unknown.


Due to the severe impact of COVID-19, the shooting and release schedules of many MCU movies, as well as many other Hollywood productions, are being disrupted. The MCU’s phase 4 capital will be opened with Black Widow’s own film in May of this year, but the film has been delayed for a year, causing many other films to be delayed as well. However, Marvel Studios is trying to return with more TV series such as The Falcon and The Winter Soldier or Shang-Chi and the Legend of The Ten Rings.


Following those projects, it seems Spider-Man 3 will also launch in the near future. The film is expected to begin filming in Queens, New York on October 16, which is also next week. A Reddit user shared a police announcement about the location and filming schedule of the film here.​


Not much information about the plot of Spider-Man 3 has been revealed, many people think that the film will focus on solving problems left from part 2 such as Peter Parker’s identity. Spiderman exposed or Spider-Man was framed and held responsible for Mysterio’s death. However, the latest news says Jamie Foxx will appear in the movie as a villain Electrowhich makes things all the more complicated and confusing.​

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