League of Legends: Top 5 top lane champions that gamers should not ignore in version 10.20

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1. Aatrox

Aatrox has pear as one of the flavors generals has the most ups and downs of his career League of Legends and version 10.20 this time is probably when he once again comes to life. With the increased healing of the ultimate warrior of the Apocalypse, Aatrox will be extremely powerful in the later stages of the match. Besides, thanks to the large amount of damage and impressive dashing ability, Aatrox is likely to become a force in the region. top lane.


However, Aatrox is a skill-heavy champion, so you still need time to practice and practice enough before bringing it to rank.

2. Darius


Darius has been one of the strongest champions in the top lane for a long time. Extremely easy to play but also very frustrating to confront. If Darius’s opponent doesn’t hold a good position, which we often see in low ranks, being beaten by him snowball death is completely normal. In addition, Darius is also popular for the flexibility in his equipment build and can be up to resistance or damage depending on what some of your teams need. The skill set also doesn’t require too much orientation, reducing the lack of skill use continuously. In prolonged fights, Darius’ ultimate will be a very effective tool to finish off the entire opponent’s squad.

3. Renekton

In this season’s season, Renekton’s ability to double and lane is still undisputed when this is a champion born to win lane. Great damage, strong recovery, good mobility and resistance, too perfect for Renekton to sweep opponents in the top lane.


Renekton has an early lane crush ability and he is often in control of everything in his area, ensuring that his mission ahead of the opponent is always completed. That’s why, if you can’t match Renekton, then even jungler If you go to gank, it’s hard to beat him.

4. Camille


Throughout recent versions, LoL players have always believed in Camille’s power, so there’s no reason why we shouldn’t use her at the moment. Camille is a great choice for split push. With the ultimate move, Ultimate Letter, Camille has the ability to isolate the main force and mess up the enemy squad. This general not only builds damage, but defensive items will help Camille survive extremely well.

5. Maokai


In fact, many experts believe that resistance is the reason why this champion is present in so many matches. Maokai not only has good crowd control, but also deals considerable damage thanks to his sprouts. Having a strong top laner who can stop enemy champions and kill them in the process is Maokai’s great control. Although in patch 10.20, Maokai has his Q damage reduced, but that does not affect the dash and buff of this card.​

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