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Knives Out – NetEase hires “Support” master from Battle Royale movie

NetEase continues to reap success and profits from the Japanese market with Knives Outdespite the accusations from PUBG about piracy during the release of the series title battle royale. Recently, a NetEase affiliate hired Kenta Fukasaku to be the head of the consulting department.


Kenta Fukasaku is the screenwriter of the famous Japanese film Battle Royale (2000), under the direction of his father – Mr. Kinji Fukasaku. He then went on to make Battle Royale: Requiem (2003) and took over as director after the death of his father from cancer. The influence of the series has extended beyond Japan, becoming the inspiration for a new series of games – the series battle royale game.

Kenta Fukasaku interview for Knives Out posted by NetEase​

Games like Knives Out of NetEase exploits the elements that made the original film successful: the rules of survival, exploration and fighting on a closed area to survive to the end. With the participation of Kenta Fukasaku, the game is expected to receive an addition to the worldview, including the character’s plot and the social background factors that led to the formation of the war. The 45-year-old director and screenwriter also contributed to the making of the “Final Battle of Tokyo” expansion, which is expected to be released by Knives Out in the near future.

Along with the game development process, Knives Out also released a spin-off manga, multiple shows and competitions in the Asia region.​

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