Era of Firmament – The hottest causual game product in the country of pandas

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When it comes to games that are hot recently, many mobile players often refer to survival games or MOBA and MMO genres. However, recently these game genres have had to give way to a fairly simple causual game called Era of Firmament. So why is this game so attractive to players?


Developed by Rastas GameEra of Firmament is a causual game inspired by anime character building. This is intended to be a magical, adventurous, Japanese-style game that you can clearly see through the setting and characters. The plot of the game is about the continent of Aurora bj invaded by the Mozu tribe that was divided, after 1000 years of division and union, it has become a place for adventurers to come and find the secrets of In this land, however, there are dangers lurking everywhere.


In terms of graphics, the game applies 2D technology, however, the character image or scene in the game is quite delicate with hand-drawn strokes, and of course, the game’s configuration requirements are not too high, suitable for many types of machines. . In general, the game’s graphics can hardly be criticized even if only 2D technology is applied.


The gameplay of the game is simply to pass the pre-set gates and destroy the island, so regardless of whether you are online or offline, you can play and gain experience. In each stage your mission will be to destroy monsters and fight bosses. In addition, there are also side activities for bloodthirsty gamers that are intense PK battles with a copy that allows players to choose 3 Heroes and fight solo together.


In general, Era of Firmament has a not too complicated gameplay, so even if you do not know the language, you can easily perform the tasks in the game. For players who do not invest too much time in the game, this is considered an appropriate choice. Now the game has been released on both iOS and Android platforms, let’s test now download games Come back to experience.

You can download the game at the link below.

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