Son Hai Than Tich – Download now the most anticipated national war game of 2018

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Introduced in early 2017, immediately Son Hai Than Tich emerging as rare by following the direction of game client at the moment. Moreover, the game has also become one of the most anticipated games of 2018. So what has attracted so many gamers?


Is an online game 2.5D category MMORPGtake the national war theme released by the company Super Game. Set in the context and plot based on ancient Chinese mythology, bringing players back to the era of the conflict between the three realms, between humans and evil, demons.


In terms of gameplay, the game follows the style of a familiar national war game, oriented to divide different countries and tribes, allowing players to freely choose and join to compete for the world. However, the game is geared towards a causual game, so it doesn’t put a lot of emphasis on task performance, so everything is quite easy and simple.


Joining the game, players have career options including 5 occupations: Divine Arts, Vu Chuc, Holy religion, Ring Photo and Cuong Vo. The skill system of each profession is very rich and the number of moves is up to 16, however, the game applies a mechanism that only allows players to use half of the active moves, so you need Learn how to combine moves to create combos. After a long year of waiting, the game is now officially unlocked, now you can download games about and experience by following the link below:

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