Iron Throne – Strategy card game for “bloodthirsty” gamers

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Recently the company Netmarble In the press conference on the 19th, there were further announcements about the strategy game MMO mobile has a name Iron Throneand also announced a game introduction video that made many gamers excited.

Introduced as a combo strategy card game RPG, where players will be engaged in intense battles. Players can make alliances with many other players around the world or go to participate in brain hacking wars on their own. According to the plan in the future, the game will also go in the direction of developing battlefields Battle Royale and Team Deaths…


The game was previously introduced last year under the name Firstborn, this name change aims to depict the entertainment element of the game and also to show the content of the game, in which participants will have the task of creating their own kingdom. According to the latest information, the game will be available in May this year on both Android and Appstore platforms, and will be released in 251 countries.


Certainly for bloodthirsty gamers, this is a game not to be missed, but you need to wait until this summer to have the card to touch this product. All new information will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com as soon as possible.​

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