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Shocked female game developer denounced her captor and abused her to the point of wanting to commit suicide

Zoe Quinn – female manga author, developer Depression Quest just posted a long post on Twitter to denounce Alec Holowkathe producer behind the game Night in the Woods and Aquaria accused of holding, abusing, and torturing her for a long time. Things got so bad that after escaping that captivity, she suffered from depression, insomnia and even wanted to commit suicide.


According to Zoe Quinn, she and a few other developers started talking to Holowka over Skype. He asked people to meet him in person in Winnipeg to discuss whether they could start a studio together. The plan was that Zoe Quinn would stay there for 2 weeks, she would buy her own return ticket and Holowka would pay for the return flight because Quinn could not afford it. It is an agreement between two people.

During his stay in Winnipeg, he gradually isolated Quinn from the others. “He advised me not to continue working with my former colleagues but to let him program my games. He could curse at me for an hour just because I said the word “hello” out of tune. He never let me go out without him, nor did he tell me the house code to get in.”

Quinn was then sexually assaulted and the reason Holowka gave was that “he loved her and wanted to love her in a way no one else could”. Most of that time Quinn had to hide in the bathroom. “His mood swings constantly, often throwing things and hurting himself then blaming me.”


Because Holowka didn’t buy Quinn a plane ticket, she had no way of leaving Winnipeg. Finally Quinn was helped by a roommate in Toronto and fortunately escaped from there. A month later, she fell into depression, could not sleep, and even considered suicide. “I used to leave my last words and be ready to be released, but suddenly I don’t want to do this in my own room.” To this day, Quinn is still haunted by what happened and decided to denounce him as a way to relieve his mind and let others see his face.


After Zoe Quinn shared her story, she said she received a lot of messages from other people who were abused by Holowka just like her. Holowka has not yet commented or responded to these allegations

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