One Piece fans accused Chi Pu of directing the character Charlotte Pudding in the new MV?

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After releasing the full dance version, on the evening of May 21, Chi Pu continued to release the MV “Rose Rose” and this is the story version as she revealed earlier. This time, Chi Pu transforms into a bookworm with stupid hair, thick glasses, a freckled face…

This MV is a surreal story. Chi Pu becomes a warrior to rescue her crush. During one time falling asleep in class in the middle of a pile of books, she dreamed that she merged into a “white ghost girl” with a third eye on her forehead, entering a new colorful world. Here, realizing that her friend was being kidnapped, she immediately used her dance to distract the guards and rescue the “prince” in her dream.

One of the highlights that makes this MV strange and impressive is the formation of Chi Pu’s mysterious 3-eyed face, causing much discussion and scrutiny in the online community.


Very quickly, fans animeespecially the “believers” One Piece discovered the similarity between Chi Pu’s character creation and a character in this famous comic. That is Big Mom’s 35th daughter – Charlotte Pudding also with a third eye on his forehead. She has a beautiful appearance but is actually a fraud.


The One Piece community couldn’t help but be excited by Chi Pu’s new look in the new MV. Many people are also very interested and excited when speculating that maybe Chi Pu is a “hard” fan of One Piece?

However, watching the MV, it can be seen that, in addition to the only common point, the third eye on the forehead, between Chi Pu and the character Charlotte Pudding, there is no other common point, from hair to costumes. So it is not excluded that this is just a coincidence that Chi Pu wants to create a special highlight for her brainchild!

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