Dust 2 of the legendary Counter-Strike gets a graphical makeover with new technology

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Dust 2 . Map as iconic as Counter-Strike itself, serving as inspiration for other games, as well as a model for maps in Minecraft. By even those who have never played Counter-Strike, or CS:GO can still recognize this familiar desert from the first sight.

Dust 2 is so closely related to Counter-Strike itself that Valve added a “classic” version of the map above to CS:GO earlier this summer to celebrate Counter-Strike’s 20th anniversary. But a modder wants the Dust 2 version to even “stick” to the original map than Valve’s version. This modder used AI to upgrade and replace the original Dust 2 texture in the custom version of the map that you can find in the section Steam workshop by CS:GO.

Modder “3kliksphilip” posted a video on YouTube, explaining the process of upgrading old textures. You can watch the video below:

Some textures definitely have better graphics than the old version. While it’s technically possible for a computer to edit more accurately in texture reconstruction than a human, 3kliksphilip still shows some weird dependencies in the video.

The wood and stone textures appear to be simply edited through Photoshop’s “sharpen” filter, although the process is, in fact, a bit more complicated. The AI ​​tends to highlight high-contrast areas from low-resolution maps, resulting in a noticeable difference in the new version.


3kliksphilip continues to explain that the highlight of the upgrade process lies in the background environment called skybox. Upgrading with AI turns the mountains and clouds far behind Dust 2 from a hazy mess to a more artistic one. This is an easier to understand example of Counter-Strike’s original map texture before being redesigned to accommodate devices from 1999.
If players want to experience the “closest” version of Dust 2 to the “source” documentation, download the mod on the Steam workshop.​

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