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Sales surpassing 5 million copies, Dead by Daylight gives gamers the freedom to try it out for free

The survival horror game Dead by Daylight developed by Behaviour Interactive recently broke the sales milestone of five million copies. Because to celebrate this achievement, Dead by Daylight will let gamers try the game for free for a week from September 19 to September 25 on the Steam platform, and launch a discount promotion. most in history.​


Dead by Daylight is horror game Developed by Behaviour Interactive and published by Starbreeze Studios, this is an online fighting game between killers and fugitives. The setting of the game is a town in the United States, where mysterious disappearances often occur. Players can choose one of two factions, one is the crazy killers, the other is the people who often have to find a way to hide and run away from the killers.​


The special thing about this game is that the gamer who plays the killer will have a first-person perspective, and can also use special abilities to track down people who are hiding. The four gamers who play the role of the fugitive will have a third-person perspective, which can cover the surroundings better. Gamer never knows what will happen next, so players will run away in a state of constant fear, players must make important decisions for their destiny under great pressure.​


Starting on September 19, this game began to give players a free trial until five am on September 25.

Currently, the Deluxe Edition of this game is being discounted by 60%, only about 120,000 VND. The original version of this game is 50% off, at about 140,000VND, but players are encouraged to buy the Deluxe Edition. In addition, most of the DLC of this game is also on promotion

This is a good opportunity for gamers to try and take this game home at the most favorable price.​

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