Rules of Survival – Terminator 2 official PUBG Mobile version on Android

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with the crazy storm sweeping through the gaming village is becoming a strong inspiration on the Mobile platform. Here a series of standard style games PUBG was released, creating for themselves extremely large communities. And one of the typical names is Terminator 2 belong to NetEase.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

After a long time of testing in the Chinese market, Terminator 2 now bears the name Rules of Survival, has officially launched the international version on the iOS download store and for a part of gamers can download it for free right now. However, that’s not all.. because shortly after that NetEase decided to “finalize” its combo by officially releasing the international version on Android.


Yes, this means that right now.. gamers who own Android devices can officially download Rules of Survival and enjoy one of the best PUBG Mobile titles available today. If you can’t wait for more readers, please head straight to the bottom of the article to start Download Rules of Survival.


It can be said that Rules of Survival is becoming the biggest version of PUBG on Mobile up to the present time when 120 gamers join the battle. Yes.. you didn’t hear wrong. 120 players face off against each other on a super map with a full system of weapons, equipment and vehicles. Above all, this super product also owns a great graphics background with the most modern effects.

It’s been a long storm, it’s time for you to enjoy Rules of Survival by downloading the game for free directly here:

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Download for Android:
Download for iOS:
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Rules of Survival community group:

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